Austronesian Comparative Dictionary (ACD)
Robert Blust and Stephen Trussel
online edition: 2010-

Combined Hawaiian Dictionary (CHD)
based on Pukui & Elbert 1986, Andrews 1865,
Māmaka Kaiao 2003, Pukui, Elbert and Mookini 1974, et al.
online edition: 2011-
Complete Hawaiian Bible Concordance
He Papa Kuhikuhi o Ka Baibala Hemolele

online edition: 2015
Combined Kiribati-English Dictionary
based on Bingham 1908, Sabatier 1954 (Oliva 1971),
Goo & Banner 1963, Luomala 1953, et al. 1978.
online edition: 2006, 2011
Marshallese-English Online Dictionary (MOD)
based on Takaji Abo, Byron W. Bender,
Alfred Capelle, and Tony DeBrum, 1976
online edition: 2009-2011...
Micronesian Comparative Dictionary (MCD)
Bender, Goodenough, Jackson, Marck,
Rehg, Sohn, Trussel, and Wang, 2003
online edition: 2012
Mokilese-English Dictionary
Sheldon Harrison and Salich Albert 1977
online edition: 2013
Palauan-English Dictionary
Josephs, Ramarui, et al. 2015
Pohnpeian-English Dictionary
based on Damian Sohl, Kenneth Rehg, Robert Andreas 1979.
online edition: 2013-
Yapese Dictionary
John Jenson et al. 1977
online edition: 2012

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