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Pohnpeian-English (alpha)

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tile   vt. to carry or lift something that can be lightly suspended with one hand; to pick up with the thumb and the forefinger. tintil, vi.

timwen paipenleng, also tumwen paipenleng.   meing. n. year; age, of a Nahnmwarki. Timwen paipenleng depe? How old is the Nahnmwarki? cf. sounpar.

tintil   vi. to be carried or lifted, of something that can be lightly suspended with one hand. tile, vt.

tip   meing. vi. to be full, after eating. cf. med.

tipaker₁, also tapaker.   n. plant sp., tobacco, Nicotrina tabacum; any rough-cut tobacco. [Eng.]

tipaker₂   n. fish sp.

tikpeieng   adj. said of one who regularly makes small contributions to feasts or parties (a positive virtue).

tipw₁   vi. to be broken, of any long object; to crackle; to be interrupted, of a song. tipwang, vt.

timpeseng   vi. to be broken into pieces or parts.

tipw₂   vi. to be cut with scissors or shears; to be picked up with a pair of sticks, of hot rocks from an uhmw. tipwa, vt.

tipwa   vt. to cut with scissors or shears; to pick up hot rocks from an uhmw with a pair of sticks. tipw₂, vi.

tipwakapi   meing. n. banana leaves used for holding any consumable for the Nahnmwarki or Nahnken. cf. ikin tehn uht.

tupwal   vi. to make a slapping noise by slapping or striking two flat objects together.

tipwalapwal   adj. making a slapping or banging noise.

tipwang   vt. to break any long object. tipw₁, vi.

tipwatipw   1. adj. brittle, fragile. 2. n. a sugar cane cultivar.

Tipwen Dongalap   n. a formerly independent section of Nett that predated the rule of the Saudeleur.

Tipwen Kehpei   n. a section (kousapw) in U.

tipwengen peh   n3s. forearm; measurement of a forearm's length, used when constructing a canoe. cf. [meing] keulap.

tipwensapwasapw   n. a yam tuber left in the ground for further growth.

tir   adj. hourglass or funnel shaped; narrowing; thin waisted.

titin   n. tree sp., Heliotropium foertherianum.

toahkoi   n. low cloud, one touching the mountains; fog.

toahkte   n. doctor. [Eng.]

toahl₁   n. doll. [Eng.]

toahl₂   n. coal.

toai   1. n. nasal mucus. 2. vi. to have a runny nose. cf. [meing] rengen mwell.

toamwoarok   n. fish sp., black surgeonfish.

toantoal   adj. black.

tohk   n. stump of a tree; widow of a man with a ranking title; those with whom one has had sexual intercourse.

tohl   n. (3sg. tole) clitoris. cf. [meing] opwudenkod, upwudenkod.

tohmw   n. a ceremony of conflict resolution, presided over by the Nahnmwarki; reconciliation, atonement.

tohndipwinsou   n. children and stepchildren of a Nahnmwarki or Nahnken.

tohnpadahk   1. n. participant in a learning session; intern. 2. Biblical. n. disciple, one who spreads the preachings of Jesus. 1. I wia tohnpadahk ong ei sounpadahk. I am an intern for my instructor.

tohn₁   adj. crowded with people.

tohn₂   n. member of; inhabitant of; participant of; this word is typically written attached to the word it precedes.

tohndoadoahk   Biblical. n. a worker or disciple. Sapwellimen Sises tohndoadoahk kan kin ieiiangseli. Jesus's disciples followed him all over.

tohnkapar   1. vi. to attend a feast or party without contributing provisions. 2. n. a person attending a feast or party without contributing provisions. tohnkepere, vt.

tohnkepere   vt. see tohnkapar.

tohnkihpim   n. a yam cultivar. [Eng. don't keep him]

tohnleng   n. angel.

tohnmetei   vi. to sacrifice for the good of others, to work without pay, to volunteer.

tohnmeteikihla   vt. to forgive and forget.   interj. Forget it!

tohnsampah   n. inhabitants of the earth. Kaidehn tohnsampah pwon me kasarawi Kirisimas. Not everyone in the world celebrates Christmas.

tohnsukuhl   n. student.

tohnwiesakau   n. one who prepares kava.

tohr₁   1. sent. adv. only, exclusively. 2. adj. pure. 1. Mehn U tohr me iang kamadipw. Only the people from U participated in the feast. 2. kohl tohr pure gold.

tohr₂   vt. to slide by pushing or pulling. tohrek, vi.

tohrek   vi. to be slid by pushing or pulling. tohr₂, vt.

tohrohr   vi. to be independent, to be different, to be excluded from the group, to be special.

tohto   adj. many, much, numerous, plentiful.

tohtowe   n3s. total amount.

toik   n. fish sp., damsel fish, Paraglyphidodon melas.

tok₁, also tuk.   vi. to be ended, terminated, or stopped; to be amputated.

tok₂   adj. old, of things; worn out.

tokenmoang   1. vi. to play tricks on people at a wake, done to cheer the family; a funeral custom involving smearing mud and ashes on the faces of mourners, or cutting their hair, done by the family of the deceased, typically after the burial; in the past, it sometimes also involved trying to sink the canoes of the mourners so they could not leave. 2. n. trick done at a wake.

tokutok, also tukutuk.   1. n. leprosy, leper; a breadfruit disease. 2. vi. to have leprosy; of breadfruit, to have the disease called tokutok.

tom   vi. to stomp, to make a thudding noise with the foot. tomur, vt.

tomur, also tumur.   vt. to stomp on. tom, vi.

tomw   vi. to seek reconciliation or forgiveness.

Tomwara   n. a section (kousapw) in Kitti, Nett, and Sokehs.

Tomwara Pah   n. a section (kousapw) in Sokehs and Kitti.

Tomwara Powe   n. a section (kousapw) in Sokehs.

Tomwoarolong, also Tomwara.   n. a section (kousapw) in Kitti.

topwuk   n. tree sp., Premna gaudichaudii, commonly used when making fire by friction, also used medicinally and in the manufacture of the traditional drum (aip).

tot   adj. overripe, of tuberous plants.

totopai   n. bird sp., cicada bird, Edolisoma tenvirostre inseperatum.

tou   n. contribution, donation.

touk   vt. to scoop out; to eat with a utensil. toutou₂, vi.

toukihda   vt. to contribute.

toulap   n. great work, work and services render to the Nahnmwarki or the chiefdome sometimes life-long service required by the Nahnmwarki of any Pohnpeian males, including labor and expressions of deference, etiquette, and obedience.

toutik   n. minor work, such as participation in wars, athletic events, and other competitive activities on behalf of the Nahnmwarki.

toutou₁   adj. heavy, weighty; sluggish; melancholy, sad. toutouki, vt.

toutouki   vt. to be unhappy or reluctant about something.

toutou₂   vi. neut. to scoop out; to eat with a spoon. touk, vt.

toutouki   vt. to be unhappy or reluctant about something. toutou₂

toutowi, also tautawi.   n3s. weight.

towehda   vt. to become a member, inhabitant, or participant of.

towehla   vt. to take up residence in.

troahli   n. narrow gauge train₂. [Jap. torōrī < Eng. trolley]

tu   vi. to meet. Irail tuhpene ni kamadipwo. They met at the feast.

tuhpene   vi. to meet; to make sexual contact; to cross paths.

tuhweng   vt. to meet someone; to make sexual contact; to confront someone.

tuh   n. upright breather roots of the mangrove tree.

tuhke   n. tree, plant, lumber, wood.

tuhke pahm   Biblical. n. palm tree. [pahm <Eng. palm]

tuhkehn kilin waii   n. candle bush, also called ringworm bush, Senna alata, used in the treatment of the disease called kilin waii.

tuhkehn kirismas   n. Christmas tree; Norfolk Island pine₂, Araucaria excelsa.

tuhkehn kopwopwoud   n. plant sp., which has bunches of flowers resembling a bouquet.

tuhkehn wieihmw   n. lumber.

tuhnge   meing. vt. to visit royalty when they are sick in bed.

tuhpenehn pwopwoud   polite. n. sexual intercourse.

tuki   n3s. stub, stump.

tukutuk, also tokutok.   1. n. leprosy, leper; a breadfruit disease. 2. vi. to have leprosy; of breadfruit, to have the disease called tukutuk.

tumpwoar   n. nasal sound; cleft palate.

tumw   num. cl. used in counting gusts of wind. tumwenieng riotumw two gusts of wind.

timwe   n3s. nose. cf. [meing] keinuhnu, sisipwai.

tumwenieng   n. gust of wind₁.

tumwohki   vt. to consider smelly; to be sick of.

tumwpak   adj. flat nosed, pug-nosed.

tungoal   1. vi. to consume, to eat or drink; to receive communion. 2. humiliative. n. communion; also used with ah₁ possessive pronouns as a humiliative marker. tungoale, vt.

tungoale   humiliative. vt. to consume, to eat or drink; to receive communion. tungoal, vi.

tupweiklas   n. spyglass, telescope, binoculars. [Eng.]

tutuwi   n. bird sp., white-browed rail₁.

tuwel   vt. to shake, of one's head; to sway. tuwelek, vi.

tuwelek   vi. see tuwel.

tuwi   n. firewood.

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